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Returns 19-21 May 2015, The Sage Gateshead, UK

In the meantime,
let's take a look back at #TDC14

Google's machine intelligence expert Blaise Aguera y Arcas gave us six insightful predictions of the future.

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Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur Erin McKean reminded us how when you have a really good hammer, everything looks like a nail.

2014 marked Erin's second visit to Thinking Digital where she talked about Discovery Engines. She first wowed us in 2011 with her fabulous talk on the Wonderful world of words.

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Architect Xavier De Kestelier showed us a future with 3D printed buildings on the Moon.

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We also heard from Sean Carasso, who inspired us all to be whistle blowers. Guardian's Head of Technology Jemima Kiss had a heated discussion about privacy with Christan Payne and Meri Williams. We had music from Peter Gregson and Hayley Parkes, we witnessed the Steve Mould effect live on stage, and we listened to the sounds of the Tyne through Thinking Digital Arts commissioned Binaudios installation. Oh, and Tom Scott aged about 30 years.

It was quite a year, and we can't wait to return to Lord Norman Foster's iconic Sage in May 2015, for the 8th annual Thinking Digital Conference. See you there.

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