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Stephen Waddington

Corporate Insurgent: Stephen Waddington

Stephen has earned a reputation as a public relations moderniser, thought-leader and consumer engagement advocate through senior roles during the last 20-years as a public relations consultant, author and journalist.

He is Chief Engagement Officer at Ketchum, responsible for driving the integration of digital and social capabilities in client engagements across the agency’s global network, and Visiting Professor in Practice at the University of Newcastle supporting the university and students through teaching and mentoring.

Stephen was President of the CIPR in 2014 during which time he helped return the organisation to its roots of professionalism as set out in its Royal Charter. As Past President in 2015 he is focused on the development of a competency framework for the profession, and improving engagement between academia and practice. Stephen understands how the media landscape works online and offline and champions best practice as a writer, conference speaker and award winning-blogger.

He is co-author of #BrandVandals (Bloomsbury, November 2013) and Brand Anarchy (Bloomsbury, February 2012), and editor and contributor to Share This (Wiley, July 2012) and Share This Too (Wiley, September 2013). All four books have received critical acclaim.

Stephen originally trained as a journalist before following a career in public relations. He has co-founded and run two award-winning public relations agencies; Rainier PR in 1998, and Speed in 2009. In 2014 Stephen was named as one of the top five most influential people working in social media in the UK by The Drum and a top 10 UK PR blogger by Cision. In 2012 he received an Outstanding Contribution to Social Media award at the UK Social Media Communication Awards. He is also a Chartered PR Practitioner and a member of the CIPR, City of London Public Relations Guild, PRCA, and PRSA.

Stephen is an active blogger and has covered serveral Thinking Digital conferences.

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In a world before the internet, information transmission and dissemination was a controlled and regulated endeavour. The advent of the information superhighway, which is currently littered with social media sites run by billion dollar corporations, has blurred the lines of community ownership of one’s personal information and the individual. Jennifer Morone, a progressive and driven entrepreneur, has started a movement to take back the control of personal information from big business and hand it back to the consumer. A classically trained sculptor, Jennifer spent over in decade in France and Germany perfecting her art, after which she earned her MA in Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art in London. Jennifer has been motivated by an underlying fascination with the relationship between technology, human beings, and the socio-economic political implications the melding of the two produce. That social concern, spurned Jennifer to create Jennifer Lyn Morone™ Inc. By incorporating herself she effectively wrestled the control of her digital self, back from corporations and took an active role in the sale of her information. Featured in a 2014 article in “The Economist” for her innovative new business paradigm, Jennifer is continually engrossed in spreading her message through exhibitions and at tech and digital conferences across the globe.

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