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Tim Langley

The CANDDi-man: Tim Langley

Tim is CEO and co-founder of CANDDi, an innovative marketing platform that gives companies real insight into their online interactions. Tim combines technical know how with the vision and drive to transform the ways in which businesses can measure, engage and transact with their audiences. Tim studied Maths at the University of Cambridge and was an awarded an MBA by Manchester Business School. A digital entrepreneur, CANDDi is Tim’s 5th company created since 2001. Tim’s professional career has involved work with organisations including Orange, DHL and TelSur. He has successfully established his own businesses, as well as providing other start-ups with advice and assistance in obtaining funding.

More? How about our Tech Jester ?

Tom Scott is a Thinking Digital staple. He bodges things together using lines of code, video editing tools, and a few meters of network cable. He talks about the internet, about the accelerating pace of change, about how to deal with social media, and occasionally about tea cozies. He's releasing a video every day on YouTube, makes web toys for Trinity Mirror's UsVsTh3m, and occasionally turns up on TV. He once got in trouble with the government for mocking one of its projects, and he was a part-time pirate for most of his adult life.

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