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Tom Chatfield

Technology Humanist: Tom Chatfield

Tom Chatfield’s six books exploring digital culture, most recently “Live This Book!” (Penguin), have appeared in over two dozen languages. An author, broadcaster and tech philosopher, he’s interested in improving our experiences of digital technology - and better understanding its use in work and living. A TED Global speaker, faculty member at The School of Life and BBC columnist, Tom has collaborated with companies including Google, Teach For All, Mind Candy, BBC Worldwide, Channel 4 Education, Six to Start, Preloaded, Flamingo and SAGE Publications. He’ll be speaking on time and attention in a digital age - and how print and paper can help us think critically about technology.

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Seb Lee-Delisle is a digital artist and speaker who uses computers to engage with people and inspire them. As an artist, he likes to make interesting things from code that encourage interaction and playfulness from the public. Notable projects include [Lunar Trails](, featuring a 3m wide drawing machine, and [PixelPyros](, the Arts Council funded digital fireworks display that toured nationwide in 2013. As a speaker he demystifies programming and explores its artistic possibilities. His presentations and workshops enable artists to overcome their fear of code and encourage programmers of all backgrounds to be more creative and imaginative.

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